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Etsy Sellers Supporting Schools

1st graders showing off some new school supplies
Being a future teacher, causes that support education  are close to my heart.  A few months ago, I heard about "Waiting for Superman" and 

"Waiting for Superman" is a documentary that focuses on America's failing schools.  While I don't agree with everything the movie brought up, I do have to say that there are some problems with our education system.  There is simply not enough money being directed to public schools.  In my area, a starting teacher will be paid around $26,000 dollars a year.  With a Master's degree, that pay goes up MAYBE $2,000 a year.  Most teachers' kids qualify for free and reduced lunches, in our area, anyway.  And there's no money available for school supplies, texts, or other materials.

So when I heard of DonorsChoose, I had to check it out.  This organization connects donors around the world with teachers and projects that need funding.  I told my mom, a 1st grade teacher, about it, and she set up a project for an incubator.  The $900 project was funded in a month!  She's really focused her projects on building the science curriculum in her school.  When she started working there in 2006, the science books were from 1982! 

I've done special promotions with my shop, such as donating 10% of sales for an entire month and giving away a free snack bag for every $5 donated.  This led me to create a DonorsChoose giving page.  I've had an amazing response!  After just one month, the giving page had raised over $300!

I've also created an Etsy team, Etsy Sellers Supporting Schools.  You can join this team to find other shops that are supporting DonorsChoose, or if you have an Etsy shop and would like to participate, please join the team!